About Us - Madame Tadia Hotel, Eskişehir

There are many places that testify to the past of a city from yesterday to today. The Madame Tadia Hotel is one of them. Madame Tadia moved to Eskisehir from Austria in the 1890s. This very sympathetic old woman ran a hotel that was very well liked by foreign and domestic passengers. This hotel has become a place frequented by travelers, poets, historians in Eskisehir for a very long time. An important name staying at the hotel is Halide Edip Decar, one of our important women writers who wrote her observations between 1918 and 1923 during the War of Independence with an impressive narrative. Adivar often referred to both Madame Tadia and her hotel in his work ’The Turkish's Trial by Fire‘ with the following sentences: 'I would read books in Madame Tadia's room until June 7-8 without going to bed, I would not put out the candlestick. There was no sound in the streets. One day, as soon as I entered my room at the hotel again, a news came from headquarters. He wrote that Mustafa Kemal Pasha had reserved a compartment for me in his car and that he would be leaving at half past nine. Then suddenly all the windows started to break. There were shots being fired from everywhere. There were footsteps. It was as if the Greek army had entered or a new revolution had begun. I went downstairs and saw Madame Tadia. He said that Greek planes had dropped bombs on the back of the hotel.’ Elliot, a British embassy official serving in Turkey, mentions this hotel in his memoirs published in The Times newspaper in 1905: ‘ In Eskisehir, a person has to leave the train and spend the night in a hotel close to the station. But there is nowhere such an enterprise as in Eskişehir, a few steps away from the station is a small hotel run by Madame Tadia, even famous for its soups, pies and milky coffee.' At that time, Madame Tadia became a brand for passengers using the Anatolian railway. we are reliving this historical building, which served in our city 133 years ago, with its modern face.



At Madame Tadia Hotel, everything is considered for the comfort, comfort and happiness of its guests.With its trained, solution-oriented, experienced staff, it makes the guests' stay a separate pleasure.We are pleased to host you at Madame Tadia Hotel, your prestige point in business life with its advanced technological opportunities, the only address that will lead you to success

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